(175) – Mirror


Do you recognize that guy staring at you in the mirror? Have you ever met or bumped into him in the street? Do you know what his eyes hold behind this strange look? Can you decide if he’s happy or not?

I don’t and I can’t. I feel like I’ve known these eye for long enough but they’ve changed so much since I last looked at the same exact face in the mirror. Something strange happened, I can’t guess what or why, it’s unclear. I look at myself and don’t know if I’m happy or not, if I’m still that true person I was one day.

I remember when I was just a kid; things were different and I was different too. I used to think that life would take me directly from point A to B at the same pace. Suddenly, I grew up and newborn guys took my childhood, they grew up too and I discovered I’m not that lovely kid anymore. I realized it’s my turn to face these challenges and make history, it’s my turn to lead or spend a lifetime living a miserable aimless life.

There are many paths to be pursued; if you chose the wrong one, the easiest and enjoyable one, you’d eventually not recognize that person in the mirror. But, if you chose the hard one, the one full with hardships and conflicts, eventually you’d be happy and satisfied. You’d also get grey hair, sophisticated soul and unbeatable determination.

Well, that sounds like fun, like victory. But thinking of the years to be spent fighting is not as easy. Ohh, I can see pain and tears in those eyes, I can see a defeated person who’s still trying hard and pushing himself to the limit, someone desperate, misled, sad, yet so very stubborn.

Definitely, there is a reason. I am not sad but I have limits. Sometimes, things look so bad but you never know what Allah holds for us.


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