(169) – Part Of Me

We all agree on the fact that everyone of us was created differently with a distinguished combination of skills as well as traits that give us this energetic and sparkling character we have. I always wanted to be somebody special like those I see on TV or like the celebrities or scientists; they are truly successful and distinguished. I wanted to be exactly the same but have figured out lately that I can’t be someone else; my character itself is distinguished and special. I have many exceptional abilities to be someone else, so are you.

Well, the point is not about finding this trait or skill you excel at, it’s more importantly to maintain this gift and be able to utilize it effectively in doing something different and adding value to the big world around you. Generally speaking, there are many distractions we confront day after day, we often forget “why”, we sometimes forget our goals, dreams and purposes. We get engaged in many senseless activities that usually steer us away from the our destined path and duties.

Meanwhile, there should be something to remind you of all missed points in your life, there should be a red light that something is wrong. This particular part of you is what I call “Little You”; don’t let anything, any memory, any disappointment drift you away from who you are and who you want to be. There’s nothing at all worth your time or attention as much as yourself and future. This song by Katy Perry always reminds me of Little Me, I hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚



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