(164) – Be aware!

Always be aware of the ones that love you. Don’t never ever misjudge those people who have something true for you in their hearts. If the heart loves, you got to believe it’s true and unconditional. There a million indicators of pure love; a gesture, a touch or even a smile when the other is feeling miserable.

I am not telling you to have faith in people but that love is always a motivator and has the ability to let others move. Win the heart, the mind follows! Don’t never ever underestimate the power and potential of a lover, don’t let your people down for whatever excuse you have. The entire world with all its joys isn’t worth a single tear of someone who loves you.

A lover can forgive but never forget, never forget the long dark nights you’ve left them in. Please, be aware and appreciate the ones that love you, it ain’t easy to find new ones.


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