(163) – Had we been ignorant?

1899918_422695477866294_64876113_nHad we been ignorant, would’ve things been different??? Unlike many of my friends, I can’t have joy in the usual things I do and life doesn’t seem as beautiful as it’s supposed to. I don’t know if it’s me or it’s the truth. Talking to older people made me realize many truths at a younger age; I’m obsessed with a reason, with a purpose and ultimate results. Talking to older people is truly fun but the problem is that you can’t have fun or enjoy the company of your peers, they’d sound silly and dumb. 

It’s said (though I hate to use the passive voice) that ignorance is a blessing; what do you think? is it right or is it wrong? by the way, ignorants don’t assume they’re ignorant!


2 thoughts on “(163) – Had we been ignorant?

    • I don’t think you can make things better if you don’t understand “why”. We’re on the same page I think unless I got something wrong! Thank you so much for commenting, it’s always great to see new faces. Hope you had an awesome weekend. 🙂

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