(158) – Numbers

This title has been spinning in my head for a quite long time but I couldn’t use it properly. I needed the right content, powerful words and thoughts to be added to such a title describing the intimate relationship I can see between numbers.

Life is all about numbers; they’re almost in everything, every little detail we live is somehow related to numbers and maths. Either it’s science, languages, philosophy, psychology, social, political, economical… etc

The most interesting point is how these numbers are always related to each other in some mysterious way, I mean we have only 10 numbers (0-9) and according to probabilities, we would get infinite results through these numbers either by multiplying, adding, subtracting or any other mathematical process we ever do but the result will still familiar though. It took me many years of studying maths at school and university even working in a chemical labs and getting indistinct results all the time to come up with this idea, that numbers are all relevant. However, this man could understand this relationship and utilize it effectively to be a maths magician an he prefers to call himself. I hope you enjoy the video and catch my drift! (that’s a new phrase I’ve learned lately) πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “(158) – Numbers

  1. Hello ,a post to ponder about.Here in the USA peoples are known by their social security numbers.Passports,drivers license ,bank accounts,.How tall we are how much we weigh,every thing about us is numbers,l hope this will help.Jalal

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