Last Wednesday, it was raining heavily. I couldn’t resist the rainy weathers and decided to go out to enjoy the rain that we sincerely miss this winter. After driving a few miles far from the home, I started to feel weakness in my left hand and dizziness in my head. I called my dad, he told me to come back home as fast as I can. At home, I still felt unwell, so we went to the doctor immediately trying to avoid any possible bad effects.

Basically, I was diagnosed with low sugar and high blood pressure, took some meds and was sent back home. At midnight, I couldn’t sleep, started to feel even more dazed and unconscious, my hand was still shaking so the only way was to go to the ER. Anyway, we’d spent the weekend doing many tests as well as visiting many doctors until we came to the final report. B12 deficiency; 179 when it should be over than 250, a severe infection with my balance system which causes the dizziness all the time and high cholesterol. The doctor said I have to adopt a healthier lifestyle and go to the gym, that’s something I haven’t thought of in so many years now.

Since I haven’t posted anything in exactly a week, my purpose is to post twice a day for a week, that’s no easy task. What about you? How have you been and what are your latest adventures? Hope you are all fine and am looking forward to read your latest blogs.


8 thoughts on “(156) – EMERGENCY

  1. Keep well Ahmed, I am fine but my trusted companion The Hound has had a bad allergic reaction to something – eyes almost shut and can hardly open them. And Happy St Patrick’s Day to you. MM🍀

    • thank you so much Mr. Meticulous. Take care of The Hound and happy St Patrick’s day to you too. I can’t wait till I see your latest pictures, you must have lots of amazing shots. 🙂

  2. New to your site. I love the image of the old leather bound books. Start exercising – even if it is merely walking – the time spent is worth every minute of the investment, especially if you choose a nice outdoors spot to walk in. In my opinion this beats the gym 100%

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