(155) – GRAVITY… And They Say God Don’t Exist!

Do you remember the last time you felt alone? Nobody was there, no animals, no insects, no trees, no water, nothing at all. It was merely a landscape and silence, absolute quietness. You could hear nothing but your heart beat. You needed help, you deeply wanted to survive and go back to life, to everyday’s life, humans and nature.

That is how Dr. Stone (Sandra Bullock) feels in Gravity; after crashing their space shuttle, she detached and starts spinning in the space. I never knew space was that scary because I never thought of the word itself, “space”. It’s nothing, it’s empty, vast and space; you’d spin and spin and spin with no friction to stop you. You are completely on your own counting your last hours until the oxygen runs out.

Well, that made me feel the greatness of God; in space we’re closer to God, in his hands we endlessly spin. What’s then? Where would I go? Keep flying in this vast universe? I look at the terrific view of earth and think of the creator; why Earth? What made it different from Mars or Neptune or any other planet? Was that a random call? The universe chose the earth and decided to let us happen? I sincerely doubt it!

Gravity opened my eyes even more to the greatness of God and the silliness of us, people. It’s almost everyone’s dream to go to the moon, it’s the ultimate dream we’d ever think of, yet, we might die there, up in the space. Eventually, we’re all dead and sent back to the same place we were once created in. The point is not to live, the point is to have faith, belief and a purpose so we be ready to meet our destiny, anytime, anywhere.

2 thoughts on “(155) – GRAVITY… And They Say God Don’t Exist!

  1. But I would also like to hope that there are other planets that God has created with other lifeforms, some gifted with our humanoid intelligence and desires and beliefs in His greatness. This is some of what I want discovered of the rest of the universe. Many thanx for visiting my blog. Peace.

    • well, that’d be interesting, to find other kinds of creatures on a different galaxy. LOL

      Welcome to my blog, I’m looking forward to read more of your posts. Have a nice Thursday 🙂

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