(154) – Let It Rain

Unexpectedly, the beginning of this wintertime was amazing and promising of such a memorable season full of snow and heavy rain; we had an early blizzard before the Christmas, lots and lots of snow accumulated for weeks over large areas of Jordan and nearby countries. We were all amazed of the snow and the amount of water had fallen on earth but since we’re not used to this, we started to complain and curse the weather; too many ignorants complained asking for warm weathers and shared their silly jokes on the web with the intent of getting famous probably.

However, since then, we hadn’t had snow or even rain, only extremely cold weathers as well as drought. Even worse, they kept joking around and nobody thought of blaming themselves for what’s happening. It’s winter but without rain, that’s a serious problem I believe.

Religiously speaking, God holds the rain when his people are sinful and careless, it’s some sort of a wakeup call to warn us of the risk of our own bad deeds. Only after two months when we started to feel the results, we went out to the streets praying for God to send us rain, the entire country was asking for rain with some exceptions for sure. It’s 3.45 am now, it’s been raining since yesterday afternoon without stopping.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting by the window contemplating the greatness of God, his mercy, grace and forgiveness. I know certainly why forgiveness is divine. In Arabic we say “when God gives, he amazes”, I believe in that. so dear Allah, please, bliss our souls, families and lives, we are weak, humble and irresponsible. Allah, please, let it rain…


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