(150) – My Deepest Affection


Once again, I’ve found this statement while surfing the web. As usual, the author is unknown but he/she could inspire me in a way I didn’t expect.

Whenever I sign up in a new website that’s concerned about people and social networks, I get lost and undecided about what to write in the “About” section. It takes me a real good time thinking about the most important points I should mention in order to attract other followers and get to know them which is already the purpose of all social networks.

However, once on Facebook I remember writing about my affection for conversing and talking with others. I wrote about the love of intelligent conversations and the joy I’d feel doing so. Well, that brought me many pen-friends to be honest. A girl once inboxed me and said she’d like to just talk about anything. That was interesting.

Sadly, in the real world and I’m talking about here in Jordan, we can’t be open and speak our minds freely with anyone, especially our relatives and fellows. They will envy you as well as memorize your words to pick up on you. The only one you’d be frank with is your friend and how rare it is to find a true and genuine friend.

Today, I am feeling very sad for our spiteful society, we are full of hatred, the reason is vague; some say it’s money and some say it’s lack of knowledge. Today, I am longing for an open conversation where I can look at the sky and begin to speak believing someone is there listening carefully.


2 thoughts on “(150) – My Deepest Affection

  1. You are absolutely correct, it’s hard to find a genuine friend; sometimes you think you found one, but they disappoint you. I think the culture you and I belong to are similar, so I understand your point about speaking “freely” but then it coming back to haunt you. People hold on to your words and they use them against you, twist them, turn them, make them ugly and dirty. People use your words to shame you – how sad is that. I wish it weren’t so.

    Nonetheless, I wanted to say that I liked that quote from the unknown author that you have posted. I, too, like to have intellectual conversations; it’s always more productive than speaking nonsense.

    • Thumbs up! we seem to be coming from same backgrounds, I’m not going to say anything because you’ve said it all. I’m so sorry about my late response but it’s been a tough month and now I hope it’s getting better.

      You start the good conversation you want, try to adapt but don’t change even if that means few friends if you know what I mean. Have a fabulous day, dearest May Z

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