(148) – Suddenly

so suddenly, we meet up, shake hands, look at each other in the eye, everyone holds a talk that better be left unsaid. The car moves, we struggle to talk, laugh or even keep silent. We both know something is wrong but no one dares to open it up because he’d blamed by the other.

In fact, someone needed to vent his grudge and speak up but his love and loyalty would stop him and prevent the leak of the unwanted words.

The road goes on, nothing to do, nothing to talk about. Someone is trying to clear up the misconception; the other doesn’t care because he already forgot it but still needs to make a permanent change and a void such a fight in the future.

The other day, everyone wakes up with a new shining day. they both want to be close as they used to, want to be true and transparent. Even though, they feel like things will never be back to its normal situation; something massive has happened, things are out of control.

This turmoil in events made them end up in a place where one of them has to sacrifice, has to wake up the other for their lost love and fondness. The first says “I’ve done it all, I’ve made the hardest decisions ever and gave up everything else but my love. I speak, I initiate, I move…” the other rather keeps silent and never admits anything; you never know what he has in mind. Even if you do, you’d still be undecided.

Who will sacrifice? Who will make the first step? Will this love be over due to stubbornness? I sincerely have no idea!


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