(168) – Recommended Speeches

I’ve been listening to many motivational and inspirational speeches lately, that kind of help me cheer myself up and bring in really good thoughts. Toastmaster and TED are the stages I always dream of, I believe I will be able to deliver my speech one day on these stages and motivate people like me, give them what they need to hear and help them avoid the wrong path.

It’s really important to keep yourself reminded of others’ experiences, learn from them and sum up their adventures with a few keywords that’ll help you move on. So, here are some of the best speeches that truly inspired me:



(167) – They Never Change

Well, it seems like some people never change even if they apologize. You give them their space thinking things would be different and they’ll figure our what’s wrong but in fact, they don’t. That’s why you should always stick to your experience and never doubt the power of it.

I am not going to be back to my old habit of worrying too much about someone who could careless. Instead, I got to move on and leave my worries behind. “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow”

(166) – “Cleaning Out My Closet”

“The soul is indeed what counts”

Whenever we get sick, we randomly start running from one doctor to another looking out for the best one with the highest records in terms of reputation and expertise and trying to feel the least pain ever healing our bodies as soon as possible, so we can be back to the normal life that we’re exaggeratedly attached to.

I don’t mean I like to be in pain or that I can endure the hurt for many long days or even hours, what I just want to say is that all sicknesses and diseases no matter how severe or harsh, they’re still meant to convey a message and should be considered as wakeup calls. From a religious and spiritual perspective, I see that any disease has something to do with the soul not the body; a true disease is the one that affects the soul because it’s what really counts. These bodies are merely tools or some sort of how we responded to nature and life. The body has only one duty to fulfill, to help us adapt with the change and remain alive.

Speaking of soul, I believe we were created to worship God and believe in him, it’s the ultimate purpose of our existence and “why” we happened to earth. The universe is billions of years old while humanity is very young compared to it, that’s why we happened to earth and sadly, we destroyed it and successfully added our distinctive touch of sin to it.

I can feel those who wake and sleep with hurt, it’s part of their life and who they are. I can imagine how annoying it would be; one painless minute feels like years of relief. Nonetheless, these people have developed a true spirit cannot be defeated easily, they understand life better and I believe God has something big for them hold in the sky.

I was sick two weeks ago, I am feeling way better today, thank God for sure. Even though, I realize how bad I need to clean out my closet of all the bad habits I’m used to, how bad I need to adapt a healthier as well as more purposeful lifestyle. Today, I am so reminded of others who feel endless pain, may Allah be with them, day and night!

(164) – Be aware!

Always be aware of the ones that love you. Don’t never ever misjudge those people who have something true for you in their hearts. If the heart loves, you got to believe it’s true and unconditional. There a million indicators of pure love; a gesture, a touch or even a smile when the other is feeling miserable.

I am not telling you to have faith in people but that love is always a motivator and has the ability to let others move. Win the heart, the mind follows! Don’t never ever underestimate the power and potential of a lover, don’t let your people down for whatever excuse you have. The entire world with all its joys isn’t worth a single tear of someone who loves you.

A lover can forgive but never forget, never forget the long dark nights you’ve left them in. Please, be aware and appreciate the ones that love you, it ain’t easy to find new ones.

(163) – Had we been ignorant?

1899918_422695477866294_64876113_nHad we been ignorant, would’ve things been different??? Unlike many of my friends, I can’t have joy in the usual things I do and life doesn’t seem as beautiful as it’s supposed to. I don’t know if it’s me or it’s the truth. Talking to older people made me realize many truths at a younger age; I’m obsessed with a reason, with a purpose and ultimate results. Talking to older people is truly fun but the problem is that you can’t have fun or enjoy the company of your peers, they’d sound silly and dumb. 

It’s said (though I hate to use the passive voice) that ignorance is a blessing; what do you think? is it right or is it wrong? by the way, ignorants don’t assume they’re ignorant!

(161) – How To Pick Yourself Up

Too many are the setbacks we face in everyday’s life. Sometimes, it’s a wrong bet, a lost friend, a deceased person, a big failure and so on. This usually leaves us in a state of shock that lasts for relatively long time and almost unforgettable but because time goes on and that we don’t want to be others’ setbacks, because the best is always yet to come we should pick ourselves up as soon as we are held down.

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the fact that life is too short to be sad. However, you still find it sometimes hard to forget and go ahead, that’s why I wanted to write this post and try to help you. I have found myself lately held down and controlled by my false thoughts, I was tied to something I thought was true and real. It was actually kind of fear to move on, kind of true love to someone who is careless as well as a pursuit of the wrong things. Well, it hurt me and reflected badly on my personality.

Accordingly, I thought to myself that I have to stand out and stop all this fakeness and illusion. I look at myself and see how vulnerable as well as pathetic I made myself. Then started to think of how to pick myself up. this thing in particular is easier done than said; hold on for a second, wipe up your tears and pick yourself up. Yes, it’s as easy as that, just pick yourself up and don’t let others value who you are. You might be wounded, even destroyed but WHAT DOESN’T KILL MAKE YOU WHAT? I guess you already knew.

(160) – Upset/Confused

Honestly, I had to do a short research on the title before I posted it, I wanted to get the word that describes my feeling precisely. Upset is the word, it means a state of being unhappy, disappointed and worried. Then comes the second feeling which is confusion, yes, confusion with a meaning of being unable to think clearly; bewildered.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to figure out why my left hand has been shaking since last week, it’s psychological. Apparently, I’m kind of sensitive and can’t seem to bear pressure especially when it hits my heart. I am always willing to give up bad people and habits but the problem comes when the heart says no and the mind orders yes; it’s such a messed up situation. Your heart is being sympathetic and mind is being decisive, which one to listen to? I’m completely lost!

Most of us tend to give a second chance, few of us give a third chance but only the insane gives more and that is clearly, me. A second chance is always intended to clarify the misconception, to give the others their space so they can understand what’s wrong and apologize. However, when they realize the problem but never change anything, what’s the point of more chances then?!

Some words come out in the wrong context sometimes, they still could be taken back but you never do. A loving heart can only bear one person at a time; if you leave it, you’ll never be welcomed there again. I was always tolerant, a giver never a receiver, a lover never a hater and a loyal never a traitor. You haven’t looked at my heart, or you might have done but what I’m pretty sure of is that you took me for granted and no matter how hard I tried to forget and forgive, you repeat the same mistake over and over again.

I don’t know what to say or do, should I leave you alone and put you in the 3rd place, the same exact priority you have me in? After you’ve been my priority now I’m your option, impressive! Or should I exploit you, underestimate and hurt you? is that what you want? should I screw you up and take revenge for my dignity and loyalty?

I can’t imagine why we’re here. After all I’ve done to let this thing survive, you come and use me to amuse your weekends, you just want somebody to accompany you, have dinner then go home.

I was waiting for a no return point where I could pick up myself and move on, don’t think that it’ll be easy to do so but if you want it, then you have it. I can’t compromise my health to make you happy, I can’t swallow my pride and let you win my heart, leaving me lonely in pain. I am so sorry for saying such a thing, but you don’t deserve what I gave you. Screw you!

(159) – Day #159

It’s Friday morning, I’m sitting in my room, relaxing, contemplating and struggling with the idea of giving up old habits. They’re not necessarily bad habits but at some point we desperately need a change even if we’re not aware of it.

Starting with my food habits which used to include junk fast food and absolutely unhealthy food, moving to sports and social life, change seems to be significant at this point.

On the one hand, I’ve started with food; no more meat (at least until my cholesterol goes back to the normal limit) no burgers, soda drinks, fried food, hot dogs or any other meal that has too much fat in it. Instead, I have to have more food, vegetables and beans which I rarely ever have. What is more, I found out that vegetables do have a special taste, you get to discover a new kind of appetite. Fried fruits are also amazing especially apricot and grapes, tasteful stuff. Legumes and nuts as well have too many advantages for the human body, they’re full of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) which is known as the good cholesterol and can provide us with the needed protein as an alternative of red meat.

On the other hand, I am now exercising almost every night. Fastwalk and running are my favorites. The first night I hit 4 miles in 34 minutes, the next I hit 5 miles in 43 minutes, it was really interesting to feel the blood flowing into your legs, hands and even brain. The best point about adopting a healthier lifestyle when you see others who still “think” they have a good fulfilling life, it’s like reading a book, you discover new worlds and horizons, you become sophisticated and well-experienced.

Laziness is another bad habit which I’m working very hard on. I have read only 2 books since Jan 2014, there are still 14 books to be read and understood this year. Even worse, I’m 10 posts behind. See how lazy I am?

what are you up to? how’s your reading list for the year going? are you as lazy as I am? I hope not! Have a blessed Friday everyone. 🙂