(144) – Sacrifice

How many times have you been inspired by a song, a movie, a success? This source of inspiration means a lot to you especially when you’re reminded of it later on; you relate to it and recall the feeling you first had when exposed to that inspiration. you feel the hurt, tear down and feel strong as well. But have you ever thought of the person who’d been through this true story? The one who’d been through loss and had to sacrifice it all to make you feel inspired?

Well, some people are meant to go through painful events in life, there are destined to have truly impossible fate and suffer. One day, they’ll get through it and beat the hell of out their lives with memorable lessons to teach us, the blessed, the careless and the ignorant who never appreciate what we have or do. Those people had the privilege to be hurt and opposed because they’ve got their share of suffer in life and now are ready to have fun and live peacefully away from all miseries.

Nonetheless, there’s a few who had to sacrifice and still sacrifice and bear the pain all day and night long. I don’t know what God holds for them but I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy and satisfied, if not in this life, then it’ll be in the eternal life.

Eminem is one of the most inspirational artists ever happened; his movie 8 Mile is one of; he might be famous today but he had been through all kinds of troubles in life. I hope you enjoy this song by the truthful Eminem.


French words of the day will be updated later in the next post. 


3 thoughts on “(144) – Sacrifice

  1. I feel the same too.. the sacrifice and the misery that some people are facing every day seems not fair , but then I remind something that gives me hope “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”John 33:16

    • what a wonderful comment! that’s is true, I can’t agree more. I think of it as life, with all its ups and downs, sometimes we’re happy and sometimes not. If we didn’t see the darkness, we’d never appreciate the k\light, but still it’s very hard when the misery comes around.

      I’m so sorry for my late reply but I’ve been really busy with university and classes. have a great day. 🙂

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