(142) – Midweeks

I never knew what it means to work five days a week or how some people can’t wait until the weekend. I used to think they are not productive and just like to exaggerate things but this semester with a full schedule at university I know exactly how it feels to be busy all the week long.

Three days out of five, I have lectures from 8 am until 5 pm; it’s really exhausting, mentally and physically. By the time I get back to my house, have a shower, eat my dinner, see the family and rarely a friend, I’d be completely worn out and not in a mood to do any additional activity. Then next day, I get up very early as well, go to university, spend many hours and so on…

Weekends now are full-scheduled too; I have to finish my homework, my reports and study for a few hours. I have to compensate for my reading part, so I spend many hours moving form a blog to another then comes my books, read few chapters and go back to WordPress. In the evening, I’d chat with my pen-friends or hang out with my local friends; sometimes we have dinner together or just enjoy a silent weekend.

The best thing is that I’m learning to become more productive under pressure. Being busy all the time could be really helpful especially if you have problems with your sleeping habits where you’ll have to sleep early so you can get up early and enjoy an energetic day.

What about your week? Is it busy as well? Or you’d rather it be quiet? Are you productive under pressure or like to take your time?



French words of the day:

– comment vous appelez vous? comment t’appelles-tu?

– je m’appelle…

– À bientôt!

– Au revoir

– Enchanté


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