(141) – I’m Learning French :)

Languages have always been my passion as well as my challenge. If you ask me why I love languages and what’s interesting about learning foreign languages, I’d probably have no answer, it’s just in my blood.

I couldn’t start learning English the right way until I was in my early 20’s; I’ve had the opportunity of meeting some native speakers and other people who use English in their daily life. Well, that was fantastic. I still remember how I felt at first to be among a group of people who speaks only English.

Today, I’m practicing the language and use it more than ever before; I read books in English, I watch movies needless to see the translation, I can deliver a full speech and convey my messages in English. Besides, my blog, which is helping me more than anything else.

Consequently, I thought it’d be appropriate now to move up to the next level and start something more challenging. French is my current challenge; I’ve got many useful applications downloaded on my mobile phone, subscribed to a few channels on Youtube and began my learning process on my own. I’ll be learning a few words everyday as well as grammar. I have plans to share the words I learn everyday here on the blog as notes added to the end of my posts, but let’s just see how it goes.

Here are the French words of the day:

– bonjour (hello).

– comment allez-vous? / ça va? (how are you?)

– je vais bien, merci. (I’m fine, thank you)

– je ne vais pas très bien, merci. (I’m not going very well, thank you)


How about you dear readers? Do you like languages? Which languages would you like to learn?

2 thoughts on “(141) – I’m Learning French :)

  1. Interesting. I’m a fan of languages as well. I’m originally tri-lingual but I pick up random phrases from languages such Turkish, Spanish and urdu cz i liked the way they sound (with Urdu/hindi it’s more because I want to pick up the gossip around me in the UAE). Funny thing is how French was always last on my list cz I didn’t like it much but now I have to learn it because most of my work colleagues speak French (and I might need to go to France for work and it would be pretty pointless if I don’t understand what they’re saying there.

    • that’s pretty impressive, so you already speak many languages, I love that. 🙂

      Well, Hindi sounds very difficult, I remember the movie Slumdog Millionaire, it was impossible for me to even understand their English LOL but in fact, nothing is impossible, go for it and you’ll speak it well soon especially that you have some people to practice the language with. As for French, I think it’s very neat and fancy language. I look for to speak as much languages as I can pick up.

      Since you’re in the UAE, it’d be easier for you to speak French than Arabic, French is closer to your culture I think. Thank you for your comment, i’m glad you liked my post. Have a productive week. 🙂

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