(131) – New Horizons

“I always wanted to be someone, but TODAY I realized I should be more specific”

Meeting my old friends pays my attention to my changed character and attitudes; I am today a different person from who I was years ago. My interests, hobbies, ambitions and dreams are now defined by my new character and thoughts, I’ve never been the guy obsessed with reading and books, the friend who tends to speak up when others talk or even that radiant person who’s pointless and have no opinions. Today, I fearlessly admit that I’m still under construction and that I’ll be successful one day with all my dreams fulfilled, it’s just a matter of time.

Well, sometimes I think this changed character will not last for good; it should be introduced to new horizons and ideas. Comfort zones need to be redefined every once in a while; whenever we feel like safe and secure, we’re again stuck in our comfort zone, there should be a kind of change soon with risk taken, this isn’t the right place to be in.

It’s the fact that has been annoying me for a while; I am totally secure and safe, my biggest and darkest fears are so friendly and no longer threaten me, I need to broaden my horizon and discover something new. That’s where it becomes challenging; what should I do? How? New friends, why? What if I like where I am?

With the beginning of a new term next week, I think there must be new rules and risks to be taken. The one I love most as a friend is having so much fun and meeting new friends all the time as I’m keeping my schedule arranged to his free time. Perhaps, this friendship is meant to an end or changing in priorities. All I know is that this routine is no longer bearable. Few tears would be shed, but no broken hearts would exist.

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