(125) – Write On…

According to my latest decision on writing, I just wanna write on, nothing’s going to make sense, just trivial words to practice writing.

Well, I’m three posts behind but I just cannot find anything to write about. Actually, I do get many ideas during the day but just not in a mood to give it more thinking and save it up till I go back home in the evening and start writing.

Too many things are going on; trying to get a job, planning to start my French courses, trying to be committed to the 5 daily prayings, trying to finish the book I’ve been reading in for a month now… too many attempts to do better things but in all honesty, I’m just not moving or taking the initiative to change the current situation.

Every day, I just get up late, spend many hours on the internet doing every useless thing, have three or four meals during the day, hang out with friends, discuss silly subjects, stay up till the next day and so on… is this how the holidays should be spent? I don’t think so..


4 thoughts on “(125) – Write On…

    • a couple of friends told me not to be hard on myself and here you are telling the same words. I do appreciate your advice and respect your wise words but how am I being hard on myself when I am going in the wrong direction and losing time willingly? isn’t that part of facing reality and admitting my faults? that’s the point I’m trying to work on and deliver through my posts…

      I’m so sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the comment, your words shall be accepted and taken into consideration. 🙂

      • May be it is not your fault. If that is the case you are truly wasting your energy on something you cannot change. It can thus be very draining and you feel as if you are going nowhere, I know from personal experience. To start to understand this you need to take a step back, look at yourself and your thoughts. Best wishes my friend. 🍀

      • it’s not an excuse, it’s the real case actually. I’m trying to move forward slowly with firm steps. thanks Mr. Meticulous. (seems you’re truly meticulous) 🙂

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