(124) – What Kind Of Miracles Is This?!

Happiness has always been the secret we look for; to live happily with a smile on your face and a thrill in your heart is the thing that keeps us moving in all directions of life. The fact that we all agree on makes the secret of happiness more and more vague concept to figure out; do what you love and you’ll definitely be happy. See how simple is that? Do the thing you love most and happiness will find its way to your heart and misery will be over.

Every one of us was born with a passion that’s usually the thing we love to do but how many of us ended up living their passions? Very few I’d think because we either discover this passion when it’s too late to live it or to find out the odds are working against our favor.

When I was 10 years old, I only wanted to know the days in English because of a TV series I used to like and my brother didn’t want to tell me the days so I go to bed early and he can stay up with my mom alone. At the age of 12, my English teacher was so lovely and friendly; he could sense my passion for the language and always encouraged me to be a better boy. However, this passion for languages grew up with me but I just couldn’t fulfill it because of my family’s bad financial situation and the school I was in. after 4 years of majoring in engineering, I’ve realized that I want to study languages and speak as much languages as I can but it was too late for this realization or maybe it’s just not meant to be my career and life. Perhaps, it’s just a hobby as my mom once told me but I don’t believe in that.

During school, I loved chemistry and biology; they were my favorite subjects and never felt anything about physics. My dream was to become a surgeon or to specialize in chemistry but today I’m studying mechanical engineering, it’s plain physics. On the other hand, my sister is obsessed with physics and math but she’s studying pharmacy now and it’s all biology and chemistry… that doesn’t make sense for me.

Moreover, one of my friends speaks English fluently, he is passionate about cars and mechanics, yet he’s a professional writer and works in the field of copywriting. I always tell him how to develop his career, encourage him to start writing a book, create a blog or how to make anything out of his language because he’s really good at it but he insists on mechanics and cars.

I don’t know if that’s one kind of miracles God has put on earth, no one seems to be satisfied with what he’s got, we always want more and want something else. I don’t know if a passion should be developed as a hobby, nothing more nothing less, or it should be the career of our life. Since nothing is random, I am pretty sure there’s a reason behind that but who wants to find out the answer too late? Nobody for sure, that’s what I’m trying to work on; I am working very hard on what I love but still I can’t give it my full attention, engineering is taking me away. I don’t want to regret choosing the wrong path when I’m 40 or 50 years old.


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