(119) – In Search Of Appropriate Music

Writers are known for their sensitivity, vision and imagination. Most writers have their own world of fantasy that keeps them always creative and inspiring. Every writer has his/her own style and distinctive touch but there’s only one thing in common and that is the mood; if you’re a writer, I think you’d have to maintain an average mood between happiness and sadness, between rage and calmness to keep this creativity. You can’t just be too happy and delighted because you’d never get anything in mind to write about. Even if you still can write while in a good mood, it won’t be as satisfying as bad mood writings, that’s my opinion.

Away from the details, my good mood is what holding me from blogging; the last few days were so productive and delightful. I got my grades and they’re way better than I expected, I go out with my friends everyday and chat with my pen-friends regularly as well as the feeling of how blessed I am. It’s all contributing and working together resulting in empty mind, no thoughts, no words, just smiley faces.

Well, that’s not a bad thing, on the contrary, we all aim for happiness and pleasure but I don’t want this feeling to confuse me and take me away from other unfulfilled goals and dreams. I mean everything has its time, and it’s time now to refocus on my progress and development and stop having fun all the time. (too many friends have told me I’m kind of hard on myself but I think it’s just fine to have a sip of reality every once in a while and inform ourselves that we shouldn’t left behind).

Music is one of few things to give me that mood I’m looking out for. However, since misfortunes never come singly, music doesn’t seem to be helpful today; I’ve tried some rock, country, pop and even hip hop; well, nothing is paying off, what a mess?!

Some days are full of thoughts and ideas, yet, some days are just thoughtless and get on your nerves. Tomorrow, I’m going out looking for drama, I need to be inspired or inspiring, need to write, write and write…




2 thoughts on “(119) – In Search Of Appropriate Music

  1. I’m finally getting to read your February posts!
    Have I neglected your musical education so much 🙂 that I’ve not mentioned Michael Franti? This track is from 2006 – since then, he’s had much success with more conventional, happy songs, but he was doing fine selling out venues on tour behind the album this song came from, Yell Fire!. (Meant, in part, as a political statement. But I digress.)
    “Everybody Ona Move” (“Ona” = “On The”) was never made into a music video, but someone posted it (to a very dull text image) on youtube. The song was never a “hit” in the conventional sense, but has since its release shown up in the background of a few amateur inspirational videos, and I gotta believe it’s a go-to song for pushing yourself out the door, to run the next half-kilo, to take those next steps, etc.

    When I’m in the mood you’re describing — I sort of am, right now — this is what I play.

    • Have you watched Gravity? The music being played during the movie is fantastic, it helps clarify your mind and thoughts, makes you calm down and relaxed. You could get the soundtracks from Youtube, I highly recommend them, Bill. Have a great and relaxing day. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. 🙂

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