(113) – Dwell On Your Past

“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

A few years ago after I attended the faculty of engineering, I used to think that everyone eventually graduates no matter how lazy he would be and that it will never take anyone more than five years to graduate unless he/she is extremely stupid or has something wrong in mind. Well, four years later, I realized I’d been completely wrong; it might take many more years to graduate not because of stupidity or ignorance but based on wrong decisions and underestimating the value of good preparations.

Admittedly, my realization was a bit too late. However, what helped me figure out this kind of thought was a friend of mine who’s most of the time complaining about bad decisions taken on his behalf or to put in other words, he was forced and obliged to take such decisions to find out later on that he’s the only one in the wrong place. sometimes, I feel complaining is the least thing he could do but the fact that times passes by is truly blunt and rude somehow; I mean he’s stuck today but he didn’t choose to be here and he’s seen this coming ages ago but everyone in charge just refused to take his opinion into consideration.

Moreover, he often blames himself for that he should’ve moved to a backup plan earlier and here where I beg to differ. When you strive to make a difference, to change, to push and move on and nothing changes then it’s called destiny. You’ve done your best but it all fell through, that’s not your fault, it’s just something meant to happen with a reason to be discovered later on.

Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Your plans didn’t work out due to whatever reason but you still live in the present, it’s now, it’s today. You don’t want your tomorrow to end up like today or yesterday, tomorrow should include good and pleasant news and that only comes with even better preparations. Your past won’t change anything in the present; it’s merely a lesson to be taken advantage of.

I can’t just blame myself for the lost time and that I should’ve been more aware of the possibilities of my laziness. On the contrary, part of the awakening is to start over now with discipline to avoid any upcoming setbacks. Regarding my friend, I’ve told him to stop dwelling on his past and what could’ve been done or not, dump all your issues away and go ahead, move on, just move on.


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