(110) – Enlightment of The Day

I’ve received an email from a dear friend today explaining to me new facts about myself I seriously didn’t know I have or to put it in better words, I suffer from. I am going to share with you the email in case anyone would find that helpful in some way.

“The poem is interesting, but what concerns me more — I don’t know whether I’m reading you correctly, but based on how I’m reading you — what concerns me is this sense you have that adults have purged themselves of all their bad habits and failings. I don’t know a single human who doesn’t have their dark side – their shadow – as a constant companion. The goal is not ridding oneself of every bit of it. The goal is living a life that isn’t controlled by it.

That’s where I think you’re getting confused. I think you’re looking at other people and you believe they’re so good that they’re pure — really, REALLY pure — and you want to be that pure.

They just are not that pure. Maybe they won’t tell you that. Maybe it’s in their self-interest to maintain an aura of perfection. But no matter how much you admire them – no matter how much they deserve your admiration – they’re still human beings.

I’ve seen a lot of my personal journey become about learning not to give in to my shadow AND not letting it control me.

And I learned that it was NOT best to try to control my shadow or eliminate my shadow. I learned it was best to accept that I had that shadow / those shadows, and that I could put distance between me and it / them, but they would be my lifelong companions.

That’s as best as I can put it, as close as I come to “wisdom”.”


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