(107) – Updates

The past two days were very useful and helpful for me; I’ve been experiencing the same old things I used to do but with different style this time, a more fulfilling way to do what you like to do no matter had good or bad it is.

I decided to let my imagination run riot and let myself go wild. I wanted to just have fun away from thinking about the future or being worried about anything in this world. That actually gave me the opportunity to experience new horizons and opened my eyes to how harmful the bad things would be.

Yesterday, I just wanted to amuse myself in a way I think it’s considered a sin. Yes, I was a big sinner yesterday and enjoyed that. Had I refused to go willingly, I would’ve had an endless conflict fighting my demons and shadows which would end up with such a bigger sin for a longer time. So, I thought it’d be easier and more satisfying to give myself a day, do what I can do, and then start over.

That would be wrong because the fight is meant to help us become stronger but sometimes it’s just good in some way to enjoy the ride.

Today, I’m going to share three important lessons I’ve learnt recently:

1. Take a break, don’t just be too serious and hardworking all the time, assign a day for yourself to have fun and laugh. I’m not saying it’s right but it’s surely wrong to always be nervous and uptight.

2. Have love in your life, have faith in your heart. As I mentioned before, love is a great mover and motive. Remember the last time you felt in love, you would do the impossible for the one you love. You can also be your own lover; love yourself and do what would please this lover.

3. Greed is evil, forgiveness is divine.


2 thoughts on “(107) – Updates

    • It sounds crazy of me to enjoy my sins but in my case, I’d rather enjoy one sinful day instead of many distracted days thinking about random stuff. Hope you’re doing well after the flu. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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