(105) – A View From My Room


For the last three weeks, I had to stick to my room most of the time studying for the final exams which cost me much effort more than I’d expected. I was struggling with my books trying to understand every little problem so I’d get full marks.

Thankfully, everything went okay except one exam. Tomorrow I have the last one, it’s called Machine Elements, I’ve done my best to succeed and avoid the second probable F, let’s wait and see what’s coming on tomorrow morning.

This picture was taken by me a few days back observing the sun while it was going down, hope you enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “(105) – A View From My Room

    • Yes, I was still sitting my exam when you posted this comment, I can see the time. I did well actually except one exam, i’m afraid of the results but let’s see. Thank you so much. 🙂

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