(104) – FAIROUZ


Many years ago, when I was a kid and my mom was in her early thirties, I remember she used to listen to an old lady who later on became a decent house wife with kids and lived with her family away from fame, this lady was called Fairouz. She’s Lebanese, she’s an actor, singer and a great inspirational woman who could add a value and meaning to the lives of many many people that love her adorable voice and sensational lyrics. Fairouz, was a girl who loved singing when she was still at school, a girl who could impress thousands of locals back in here country. Then, after the revolution of media, she moved to performing plays and singing on theaters.

I didn’t know what Fairouz really means at a younger age because her art is very different and distinguished; you need to have good listening ears and to be sensational so you can understand her songs and gestures. I remember my mom used to get high on her voice and today she always says “I wish I could have someone to share me the same joy I felt listening to Fairouz”. My mom had never expected us to admire Fairouz’s songs one day.


Every song of her reminds me of something beautiful about my life; nice memories, unforgettable moments and too many exciting events I had with my lovely friends in the past. There’s a special one who always comes to my mind when I listen to Fairouz; the time we spent in the car under the heavy rain when everybody else was hiding in their home except us because we were living away from each other, so the best thing was to hang out and be with each other all the time.

I didn’t like Fairouz BUT today, I’d pay all my money to join one of her concerts and see her standing before me on the stage. (ohh, that’d be tremendous) Unfortunately, she no longer holds any concerts because she’s very old to sing and it’s time for her to take a break and live a happy life. That’s certainly what makes me feel more in love with her, simply because she’s respectable.


I am going to share one phenomenal song of Fairouz with you, I know many if not most of my followers are foreigners and don’t speak Arabic but you should at least take a look at how she moves on the stage and listen to her calming voice.


This T-shirt is designed by a local designer and it’s one my favorite. You can see Fairouz’s image printed on it.


2 thoughts on “(104) – FAIROUZ

  1. It’s not always necessary to actually understand the words of a song. Many times the music and voice will speak to the heart with a message that no words could possibly convey. My friends introduced me to the music of Fairouz long ago and that heart-stopping voice never fails to enthrall me. Thanks for sharing this one!

    • Well, it seems like you too Jim like Fairouz which is quite normal for me because she is lovely and knows how to touch everyone’s heart even if they were Americans LOL. Besides, you like the old classical lifestyle her in Jordan and Fairouz is a main part of everyday’s morning. God, I love her!

      As for the words of a song, it depends on the song but I can’t deny that the music adds a special taste.

      By the way, I’ve got an oil painting of Fairruz, it was made to order, will show it to you next time we meet. Salute man! 😉

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