(099) – What’s The Point?

What’s the point of waking up every day? What’s the point of a university degree or education in general? What’s the point of hard working? What’s the point of people, friends, travelling, reading and learning? What’s the point responsibility and decision making? What’s the point of age and experience? What’s the point of memory?

There are too many blessings we have and enjoy every single day that we take for granted. Perhaps, it’s our greed and unstoppable aspiration for something more that always demand more but as long as it only affects you, nobody at all has the right to interfere with your own business if you don’t ask for it.

Lately, I’ve been attempting to mind my own business and stop judging others but that’s not the point. I’ve been also trying to avoid criticism unless I’m asked. My brilliance is mean to help survive and all my experiences should be utilized to help others in case they need some kind of help. At some certain level in life, we realize the point of awareness and consciousness we’ve reached but that means only one thing in particular, we should be more tolerable and merciful because the only person who gets to this level is the one with the most experiences in life and biggest battles with life.

That’s the theoretical side of it. Moving to the practical and factual side, nothing’s the same; experienced individuals are very tough and cruel. They’re never willing to help you pretending they were gifted so they could do it but that’s not true. Your success is a big responsibility and burden on your shoulders to help others and make them find a way. If you don’t want to be helpful and guide or lead the upcoming generation, then you’d better eliminate yourself and shut up.

My doctors at university aren’t willing to help any of us. Most of them think they are a better generation than us and I mentioned this in a previous post, they’ve got their heads in the clouds. Education is no longer the same here; we have quantity not quality. Everyone’s got a university degree but only few got the sophistication of it. I don’t underestimate what they’ve been through but I don’t think they know what they do. For example, every semester, we have to kiss asses a hundred times to pass and get a D or D+ but why??? What’s the point of an exam you cannot solve? Do you think you’ll provide the society with a better education? Definitely no! What’s the point of complicating our graduation and projects? Why do I have to be worried all the time when it’s more than simple to teach us the right way and avoid all the bullshit?

Unfortunately, we’ve got to a point where everything you need is merely a challenge; a challenge to get into university and the ultimate challenge is to graduate. All my friends and colleagues at university do have nothing in mind about what engineering is. We even don’t know why we want to be engineers. Most of the youth here in Jordan are studying at universities for only one thing, they want money and fortune! That’s why we end up kissing some ass!

I have an exam tomorrow and I’m not going to attend it. my doctor’s supposed to give me an incomplete test next semester but I truly have no idea if he will. I have an excuse to not go tomorrow but he just doesn’t follow the rules, he’s like this; he might think he’s above rules and rules maybe because he’s a doctor now. Well, had I been a son of a corrupt decision maker or had my dad held a high position, he would’ve be obliged to give me an A with no exam at all.

I have only one question to ask everyone, what’s the point of everything you do? Everything? We are here for a purpose, a message to convey and fulfill a position. To be a responsible or in a critical position is not an easy thing to say the least, remember, life’s a karma, and karma’s a bitch.


2 thoughts on “(099) – What’s The Point?

  1. It seems to me that a university degree has become more a commodity than evidence of an education. When I move around the city and meet waiters and receptionists, salesmen and office managers holding degrees in Engineering it astonishes me. When I look at vacancies in the classified adverts and see that a cashier’s position requires a Bachelor’s degree it makes me realize the relative worthlessness of that degree, despite the fact that virtually no one in Jordan can hope to succeed without it. That Bachelor’s degree has mutated into a necessary piece of scrap paper.

    • The reason we’ve got to this point Jim, is our education system; it’s no longer the same, the real content of all these subjects we study is almost zero. We go to classes, listen to our teacher for one hour then go back home without realizing why or how or even what. The curriculum we study is very old and should be replaced with a newer one but nobody cares.

      I remember a doctor from my university who moved to finish his masters in Turkey, he had to go back to their high school, get a certificate, then finished another BA to be able to attend the masters program because what he had in mind wasn’t enough to qualify him to get a masters degree in engineering. see how backward we are, embarrassing!

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