(098) – What Pisses Me Off…

I’m a first-class hater; the word hate or loathe usually tops my opinions and judgments. I hate this, I hate that, I hate him, I hate her, I hate it when and so on. It’s such a negative attitude although I consider myself positive and always enthusiastic to try new things. However, the things that piss me of and make me mad are way more than what pleases me, maybe it’s my mood that makes me picky but in this world, to be honest, frank, a truth seeker, unbiased, open-minded…etc is really a big mess. People no longer want to hear the truth or listen to you because you need someone to talk to; you’re always one step away from being judged. Nobody takes into consideration what you have in mind or your situation, they’re always ready to attack and criticize.

Nevertheless, it all could be dealt with but to underestimate my thoughts or my opinions and treat me as an idiot is intolerable. No one ever likes to be mocked or underestimated. Every one of us considers him/her self on the top of the world and they know better, it’s very normal to think like this and it’s the general perspective unlike those who are well-educated and experienced who think the other way round.

We all experience bad decisions and go through rough times from time to time but that doesn’t mean we are not capable of dealing with the consequences. If I made a bad decision, I sure wouldn’t let it affect my entire life and I’d cut my losses by any means but still I want to talk it over and dump my issues on someone; a friend, a family member, or whoever I trust. So, please, don’t judge me, I’m not afraid of it but it truly hurts to be reminded of the same thing every time we open up the conversation, that’s not an effective way of solving the problem.

Life is like a sine wave in math, it has its ups and downs. One day you’re on the top, the other you’re struggling in the bottom. I have my own style in dealing with my issues, I don’t wait for anybody to give me a helping hand or sympathize with me because I’m a believer and always count on God. We’re all human beings and imperfect, the point is to need each other and help each other but not to judge one another.


2 thoughts on “(098) – What Pisses Me Off…

  1. I would love to sit down and visit with you to find out why you consider yourself a first class hater. Sometimes people just don’t have the ability to look deeper into a person to find out who they really are. My husband was the first person who took the time to know my heart. May God bless you and your honesty, and lead you closer to Him.

    • fake people, fake reflexes and actions are what make a hater out of me. I wasn’t like this, it’s just the society that causes me to act in such a way. I’ve decided to alter my behavior and avoid using the word hate, it’s working pretty good actually but someone got on my nerves tonight and inspired me to write this blog.
      To say the least, everybody needs a sense of reward or change when doing something good for the community but mine will never give me or anybody else like me this kind of reward, that’s why we let go of this negativity and hatred even if we weren’t like this, out of frustration if you know what I mean.

      Thanks for your comment, you must have a heart of gold and you’re husband is really lucky to have you. God bless you both with your kids. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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