(094) – Fatigue!

You know when you hate your university and major, you start to hate everything about it and anything you would learn there. “Fatigue” is a very normal word used to describe failure that happens in your designs especially if it’s a construction. I’ve learned the word at university and it really frustrates me. The moment my doctor says the word, my mind automatically goes off and I enter my own world of fantasy. I ignore everything follows the words “fatigue” or “shaft”, there’s just something unexplainable about these words and how they sound to me.

Nonetheless, there’s a good quote I’d like to share with you today, it’s somehow related to engineering and constructions but I think it’ll be useful if we consider it differently and mull it over.

“All machine and structural designs are problems in fatigue because the forces of Nature are always at work and each object must respond in some fashion” –Carl Osgood, Fatigue Design– 

Your design’s calculations must conclude a high safety factor and alternative plans, Nature forces or as I like to call it, Life’s turmoil, is a very heavy load on your design unless you support it  good enough and as the saying goes “forewarned is forearmed”. Have a lucky engineering sense. 🙂


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