(093) – “when it rains, it pours”

Yesterday, I finished reading a novel by Peter Hedges – The Heights. It was very interesting and conceivable; the consequence of events was very impressive. It gets your attention and you literally live the story page by page especially that it’s from our daily occurrences and the seduction we face when it comes to the need, the physical need to be specific.

However, the point is that I didn’t have any more books to read or pocket money to get some new books to read until the end of Jan, so I had to call my best friend asking for a helping hand. Well, I expected one or two books but here’s what I got; twenty different books varying in subjects from business, marketing, self-help, religious and automobiles.


I’ve always wanted to start reading business and know how the world works around us, how marketers persuade us to buy what they promote when in fact, it would be nothing but a useless commodity. So, here comes the time to try something new, expand my horizon and open up a new shelf.

Anyway, I’m so thankful for you my best friend, Sheep Diaries, you know your place in my heart. Besides, I’m looking forward to a nice journey this year full of reading and writing. Have a good read all.


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