(092) – Worrid, I am!!!


This semester is coming to an end; we have final exams now and to say I am worried is an understatement. I have six exams but only two are scaring the shit out of me because if I didn’t get a full mark (50/50) in the final exam, I would end up with 2 Fs and that’s a disaster to say the least.

My family is expecting me to pass, my friends are encouraging me to study hard and pass. Most importantly, I have to pass! I am trying to assure myself saying it’s just a simple test; it’s not my ultimate challenge in life to pass. I am trying to take it easy and study but still a horrible feeling of stress is attacking me several times during the day.

In all simplicity, all I have to do is to study hard but that’s not an easy task, so please, pray for me, I need it.

God, help me out, I need to graduate this year and reward my mom and dad; they don’t want anything but my graduation to be real!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!


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