(091) – Evolve, Adapt or Die / Cast Away


Oh God! I am feeling very excited and inspired by the fantastic Tom Hanks and his unforgettable role in the amazing and wonderful movie, Cast Away. For the second time, this movie leaves me speechless with a great sense of joy and inspiration. This is what should be called an “odyssey”; for me, this word describes only two journeys so far; Cast Away as well as Into The Wild.

I have always been obsessed with true stories, with people who one day were very normal but could thread their way to sun light when nobody else could. These stories do have a lot to teach us and will never ever be boring because every time you read it or watch the movie, you figure out a new lesson or hear a word that sounds differently even if it’s not new to you.

The most interesting thing about Cast Away is how Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) begins to valuing every little part of the daily routine which we all take for granted. Bottled water, lighter, human touch, ice, social talks, cars, electricity and so on. we live unconsciously; the majority of us are living aimlessly, we have no idea why or what. It makes me sad, it makes me frustrated not to realize how blessed we are.

Chuck Noland was sent to a deserted island to be tested, however, it’s not the only way to be tested; we’re all in some sort of test, this life is a test in itself. The real life begins after death. I don’t want to miss my point but I’m waking up I think and we all should be. The New Year is still new but after a month, it’ll be the same year we were living twelve months ago. All conflicts and troubles will be repeated this year but in a different shape or style, so let’s just get ready to evolve, adapt or die. Wish you a very inspiring year ahead, SALUTE!


8 thoughts on “(091) – Evolve, Adapt or Die / Cast Away

  1. Every word you have written is absolutely true. I had ( and do have) the same feeling after watching Cast Away.
    It is also true that we take things for granted, but realize how important everything is when faced with dire conditions.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. This movie is really one of my favorite as well as many else. I’m planning to post a blog about my best movies for 2013, stay connected! 🙂

  2. i’ve been living ‘off the grid’ somewhat for a dozen years, so when the movie came out, and i happened to see it on a trip back to the states, i really identified with it! i highly recommend ‘detaching’ from modern life for at least one month’s stretch where there’s little contact with anyone, especially if you don’t speak the local language. one finds out what one is truly made of!

    your outlook on life is refreshing and you seem to be firmly grounded yet open minded and inquisitive about many things! it might be months before i have time and good internet to spend more time on your posts, but i look forward to it!

    consider me one of your cheerleaders! !

    • That’s fantastic! I never expected to be complimented as much. I am trying to be open-minded and accept others for how they are. I am very inquisitive and curious about the world outside this place i’m living in. It’s a big world and we’re not the center of it, I cannot wait till I graduate and start travelling, this is basically the purpose of my blog; to graduate and live abroad! I am so looking forward to it, to meeting such amazing and inspiring people like you, I mean it.

      I’ll be posting for one more year if all goes well, so no matter how long you take. I wish you the best of luck in your life and journey, hopefully we’ll be able to share our thoughts one day.

      Salute! 🙂

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