(090) – The Life Wanted

“Life”, in my opinion, is a very general term always used to describe the world we live in and usually accompanied with adjectives like “complicated, difficult, dirty, disgusting, freaking” and so many contradictive meaningless words. As for “wanted”, I’d think it indicates to what we want; some go for the material stuff while others go for the spiritual issues and let’s not forget the aimless class, who live only for the sake of it.

Anyway, as a young guy who’s trying to make sense or let’s say figure out this life in a more comprehensive way, the first thing to do is listening to older generation and experienced individuals who are supposed to make sense. Well, the first thing you’d hear “this life is definitely becoming harder; your generation, is going to eat shit and will barely make a living” “the political situation is very unbelievable; there’s isn’t any area in this world without any political issues, you’d better see another planet” “live for yourself, for your own. We could get a house and get married. However, you’ll never be able to do the same things we’ve done” and the bullshit goes on…

My generation gets mocked here, very much. At university, all my teachers mock us because we’re not as good as the older students, they say we have the internet and everything is available, yet we don’t want to read or learn. They do brag about their humble backgrounds and culture all the time but they never give it a try to consider our point of view. They think they’ve done the undoable thing in this life while all I can see is very normal people who got certificates and now are teaching us. (If you can’t do, then teach) They do tell about their experiences while studying in Europe or foreign countries but they forgot to mention their bad language despite the long time they’d spent in Europe. If there’s only one thing they do well, then it’s mockery.

Back to our subject; I know it’s very hard, the entire global situation is messed up either it’s the financial or the political situation but it’s not impossible. I mean the world is changing and we’re going to an unknown area, it’s called the future. All this technology is making it unpredictable but that also means, there will be some kind of new opportunities and horizons to be discovered. It’d be good to be positive, wouldn’t it?

Old men and women are very amazing and inspiring sometimes but when greed and selfishness interfere with attitude, nobody is trustworthy then, no matter how sophisticated they are.

Dear olders, life has too many things to offer, I guess our older generation knows that better, so please, next time you get asked, you should be honest, transparent and a truth teller, it won’t hurt! Besides, your life’s completely up to you, don’t impose your negative thoughts and attitudes. I know what I want, do you?

Note: I’m speaking about local people, the Arabs.


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