(086) – Last Year’s Resolutions

This picture is taken from Singapore 2014, new year's celebrations

This picture is taken from Singapore 2014, new year’s celebrations

And here comes the day; Jan 1st, 2014 here and it’s time to unfold last year’s resolutions and read what I wrote exactly one year ago. I cannot remember how exactly I felt back then, but based on what I’m reading in my diary, apparently I was happy.

The year of 2013 was titled as the year of change and productivity for me; I had to make a change and start being productive, so one of my goals was to left up my GPA at university and I proudly could do it. I had many troubles; I almost gave in to my shadows but my family stood up next to me and we’d overcome countless problems together.

One thousand English words and eight books was my second goal for the year. Well, I have learned more than six hundred new words during 2013 and read nine books which is such a delight for me. Moreover, I wanted to save up my first JD 1000, I don’t have the money today because I’d paid for my university more than that amount of money.

On the family level, my sister got into university and now she’s majoring in Pharmacy. My elder brother is still trying to get a new job but his only motive is the salary which I think should never be his motive but I wish him luck and success anyhow.

My father and mother are in a good health and so is my youngest brother. We are all fine and happy together at home. On that, I have to thank God from the deepest of my heart and may 2014 bring us all happiness, contentment, peace, success, faith, hope and clarity. Happy new year, happy new blank year.


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