(085) – Say Good-bye to Your Past



In the end of the movie, Walk The Line, it’s mentioned that Johnny Cash had continued his success for thirty five more years with his second wife and people became crazier about his music and adorable lyrics though they all knew he was an addict to drugs and cheated on his first wife, the one who loved him more than any other girl and sacrificed her life to be with him.

On his Facebook Page, Johnny Cash has nearly 12 M fans and that’s a small figure compared to the actual one. His music is still played in movies, bars, concerts and will continue to amuse us for good. The movie is just a glimpse about his life and I think you can imagine how hard it was for a famous musician and singer to be lonely amongst millions of fans, how bitter it was to be deprived of seeing his little two girls or even to see his brother dying before him.

His one and only thought, that saved him and his fame was forgiveness. The phenomenal JR had to forgive his past and walk on to do the things he loved. You might think it was easy or doable simply because he was famous and rich but you should take into consideration his free time, when he had to sit with himself even for a second and recall all the bad memories and deeds he’s done, the people he’s hurt and the wife he’s betrayed. That’s the real challenge and that is where true soldiers stand out.

If you could forgive your past, or forget your past, then you can move on and live. I’m not saying you that you can do whatever you want then forgive yourself, I’m talking about what destiny brings with it that obliges us to be someone else who we don’t recognize.

Bad things have been done to you, still you should be thankful. We live in the present; more glorious days are waiting ahead. Time heals, time teaches and time knows better than us. My demon isn’t giving up on me, so I let time to take care of it because I have a dream, “and I gotta protect it”


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