(084) – Apology

Dear Readers,

Lately, I’ve been very busy and confused; I couldn’t have the time to read your blogs, like your posts and comment on your inspirational writings.

Life could be very difficult, sometimes, where no matter how persistent and stubborn you are, it still could be able to drive you away from your consciousness and focus to somewhere else full of evil thoughts. Only there, you feel giving up is very normal and a choice that could be taken bravely, then to discover when it’s too late that you’ve missed your point.

I didn’t reckon things would be as bad; I neither see friends these days nor go out to take a deep fresh breath.

Honestly, I am missing WordPress, I am missing the genuine bloggers and the astounding writings I used to read here. I’d like you all to feel me pray for me. This blog is my future, I have to complete what I started eighty four days ago and that wouldn’t be true but with your support, encouragement and motivation.

Thanks for everyone who liked any of my posts and wrote a comment. I am very glad that some of you do like my writings and today I promise that things will change for better.

I am looking forward to check your wonderful blogs tomorrow and see what you guys are up to. Happy Holidayzzz J


13 thoughts on “(084) – Apology

  1. No need to apologize, friend. You need to take care of YOU FIRST. We all go through rough patches, trust me I know all too well. Sometimes we just need to step away for a bit and do our best to get it together. Glad to see you’re back and always know that I am here for you. YOU MATTER, not only to me, but to a lot of others, as well. Hang in there.:)

    • You are wonderful and your words do mean a lot. You have to know that you too matter to your family and followers, I am surely one of them. Hope you had great holidays, time to go back to real life now and start over. Best of luck. 🙂

  2. I’ve been away for awhile dealing with this flu and bronchitis. Just trying to get caught up on all my notifications and then I can get back over to read your blog, again. I hope all is going well with you and your new year is getting off to a better start. You’re not the only one starting all over, trust me. I’m right here with ya, my friend. hang in there. I’ll be back soon.
    Wild Thang:)

    • I missed your blog and comments lately. I’ve tried to reach your blog many times but just couldn’t open the link, there was something wrong. Hope you are feeling better today and may God be with you with all these issues you go through, I appreciate your sacrifice and suffering, just hold on! Have a happy year 🙂

      • I’m slowly getting back. Still battling this damn bronchitis, though. Can’t seem to kick it, oh well. I wonder what was wrong and why you were unable to get to my blog. that is weird. I’ve never heard of that happening before, but I’m assuming it’s fixed now since you just replied to my post. How long did you have that problem, getting through to my blog? Just curious if anyone else is having that problem. I’m holding on, right here with you and many others. We gotta stick together, that’s what keeps us hanging on. I sure hope your new year has gotten off to a better start. Take care, my friend and I’ll be talking to you soon.
        Peace out,
        Wild Thang:)

      • I no longer have a problem with your blog, just don’t have the time to log in and start reading. Speaking of your health issues, I just pray for God to give you patience over your problems and reward you. You remind me of my mom; she has this virus called Herpes over all her lips, nose and eyes
        Sometimes, she just breaks in and start crying but there’s no solution but to be patient and count on God. I’m pretty sure you moms are blessed with these diseases, it’s meant to happen so you will get rewarded eventually, if God wills it.

      • Oh, no worries, I understand. I can barely keep up, myself. By the time I respond to all my notifications, I rarely have time to go out blog reading, myself. This blogging is like a full time job. LOL every once in awhile, I just put the notifications to the side and go out blog reading because I really enjoy reading so many other wonderful blogs.
        That’s all we can do, is count on God, because, after all, it is in his hands. If I could get some pain relief, that would help a lot. I believe the reward in the end will be a nice set of wings. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and prayers. I hope you are having a good day today. God Bless.

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