(082) – Beautiful People DO Not Just Happen


Yes, they don’t just happen, all these successful and amazing people we encounter every day have known and tasted the real meaning of suffering. It is bitterness and a longing for life that made them the way they are.

This little quote and hope I can see behind these words that push me every time to keep moving and being patient over this life’s turmoil. I haven’t chosen to major in mechanical engineering, yet, end up in a struggle to graduate but I’m pretty sure it’s meant to learn me something.

For the first time, I confess that the New Year is scaring me and I’m afraid of what it holds. When I think about the events and changes we’ve been through in the last year and I’ll have to live one more year with something I don’t like, it’s really scary and disappointing. May 2014 bring us success and comfort!


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