(079) – Human Touch Is Truly Missed



The internet and the social networks particularly made the world a smaller place to be in; everything we need from information to whatever our mind comes up with is available and could be easily reached. However, the world became a lonely place though the unlimited number of friends we have on Facebook or followers on Twitter because the human touch is truly missed and lost. There’s no one really to feel you or give a kiss upon your cheek when you’d really need someone from another world, someone who knows exactly how it feels because they’ve been through the same moments.

I am very selective when it comes to my friends; I don’t like to friend anyone because as most of you know I’m looking out for progress and well-educated persons, those are the kind of people I feel attracted to. I have no clear sense of why but I just get high on sophistication and knowledge, it sort of helps me feel free and only free men can negotiate.

On the web, I could find many real friends who share with me the same exact interests and passion. They feel me and can relate to what I say or feel. They are real because they want the same thing I do; they want true friends and unconditional love, no cheating, no playing. We were able to know more about each other and sometimes the smallest details about our previous relationships and personal issues. The problem is that it’s all still online; we cannot have a cup of coffee together or walk on the beach, we cannot hug or give a rub on the shoulder. There’s no human touch but sympathy and compassion.

Moving to real life, you think it could be easier or at least “doable” but it’s not. Every day we see a thousand faces and speak to hundreds of people but nobody seems to really feel you or appreciate who you feel. Rarely ever, we end up with a close friend or a lover but things just don’t work out the way we imagine it…

Today, I’m fed up with the locals; I’ve tried so many times to strengthen my social bonds and make new worthy friends but it was such a useless time. Accordingly, I decided to behave nicely to everyone I see or talk to, even if I’m not interested, they might be or I could be able to help in another way.

It feels so lonely and depressing, to know that someone is waiting for you on the other side of the world but I cannot waste my time betting on uncertainty. It’s said “life’s full of adventures and always has something good held up in the sky, I haven’t seen it yet”.


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