(076) – For One More Day – Mitch Albom


For the very first time, it took me less than 3 days to finish reading a 200 pages book. The title gives a sense of where the story is going especially after you read the first few pages of the books where the writer sums up the whole story saying “have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever?…” I, personally, haven’t lost someone that much yet but I could relate to the question and decided to keep reading.

Every single page of the book urges you to move to the next one. Mitch Albom as usual chooses his words wisely and connects his ideas absorbingly. The story begins with two kids, a boy and his sister who were living in a very normal house with mom and dad. A bit by bit, they grow up and their issues grow with them. Then, we move to the child after he grew up and his new family.

Going back and forth, from time to time, you start to imagine the life of this man who’s called Chick Benetto and compare his lifestyle to yours; the things he used to do unconsciously and where he ended up with the things we do every day but we’re yet to see the results.

The impressive and astonishing thing about Mitch Albom is that you get the feeling he’s talking about you in everyone of his books. We hear many similar stories but we never imagine the impact on our lives and what would happen if it were one of us.

This book is very interesting and highly recommended to for everyone who underestimates his family, friends or even him/her self. Also, for the persons who think they always do the right thing or chase the right thing, you should give it a second thought.

Here are some a few remarkable words that you should reconsider even if they sound humble:

“You see, here’s my theory: kids chase the love that eludes them, and for me, that was my father’s love. He kept it tucked away, like papers in a briefcase. And I kept trying to get in there.”

“When death takes your mother, it steals that word forever. It’s just a sound really, a hum interrupted by open lips. But there are a zillion words on this planet, and not one of them comes out of your mouth the way that one does, MOM.”

“It’s funny. I met a man once who did a lot of mountain climbing. I asked him which was harder, ascending or descending? He said without a doubt descending, because ascending you were so focused on reaching the top, you avoided mistakes.”

“It’s such a big world,” she’d say, wistfully. “Something is always happening somewhere.”



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