(074) – 7 billion of us!


There are approximately 7 billion of us on this planet, the earth. Do you think it’s a large number? Well, then you should consider that all these people are different; everyone of them has a different story from the other, so if we are to do math then we have 7 billion stories to be told and countless number of beliefs and thoughts regardless of those who lived through history and will live after us.

The irony of it is that all these stories and people are the same; our problems no matter how diversified they would look are pretty much the same. Poverty or richness, wars or peace, sex, hunger, greed, and so on.

Only few brave men and women could thread their way to the essence of their time on earth. They realized it’s temporary and you either make a difference or die like you never existed before. Those people could understand the importance of respect and ethics, they were truth-seekers and thoughtful. They chose to be the good ones and immortal. They would never think of speaking before listening and their belief to give others the opportunity to speak up and express themselves was worth it later on.

In all simplicity, we should realize that time is very short on this earth even if it seems to be long. Your reputation is what counts eventually. You don’t have to fight and scream to prove your points of view; one wisely chosen word could do the magic. Work hard, read more and learn so you can teach one day. There’s only one thing right and path to be taken. “The moment you stop chasing the wrong things, the right things will find its way to you”.



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