(073) – Traffic Congestion, Whose Fault Is It? Government, People or The Melting Snow?

Most of you know that we’ve had a blizzard last Friday here in my country; it was horrible with huge amounts of snow like we never had in the last 23 years. Snow is still accumulated everywhere in the areas with altitudes of 900 m above sea level or more. Amman, the capital of Jordan and the so-called civilized and modern city is still full of snow and unbelievably crowded due to frost in the morning and traffic jams in the evening. The municipality is pretending to be working on the roads but they are not. Too many main streets are still barely open because our fellows, owners of big vehicles need more money. You know, it’s a matter of greed, not just a duty or even a job.

Even more, we’ve had 4 dies and hundreds injured in the hospitals regardless of the unlimited of accidents because of snow.

Generally speaking, the situation is disgusting and disappointing; we wanted snow very bad; it’s beautiful and a huge source of water to be saved in the dams but nobody at all wanted what we have today in the streets. As you can see in the photos below, traffic is unbelievable; it’d take you at least one hour to reach a 5 minutes away destination. Government has announced a delay in the working hours, it starts at 11 a.m. so you can see all the people going out at the same time and no one reaches on time.

In Jordan, we get snow once or twice a year but it’s worth the preparedness I’d guess, I mean the government should’ve been more prepared with all the personnel in the field. Last year, all roads were flooded because of the unexpected amount of rain. This year, snow screwed them and it’s closed again. Shouldn’t they have a vision or something? Don’t they expect the worst and prepare for it? I have no idea actually. Some might say they don’t have money but they sure do lots of money. Nonetheless, it’s what I call corruption and greed; I know you understand what I mean.

On Friday, before the strongest storm hit the country, the sun was shining even though we had snow in the streets, so people thought it’d be fine to go out and play a bit. Suddenly, in the evening, it started to snow heavily. It took half an hour and the roads were full of snow and unusable. Around 150,000 cars were stuck that night and isolated by the snow. So far, we have many cars broken in the streets and are impeding the traffic. It was very stupid of people to go out in such weather but nobody ever listens. A little girl died that night because of coldness when the ambulance couldn’t get to her. People were running everywhere trying to get a shelter but it was impossible.

Today, government is delaying the working hours every day until when? God only knows. Schools and universities have been off since last Thursday. People living in the mountains are getting their food and bread by helicopters because snow has reached over 1 meter there.

The point is this, who should be blamed, government and its bad preparedness, people and their ignorance or the melting snow?

Briefly, we are all to be blamed, it’s my opinion! How sad!!!!!!!


1467340_565578033536654_1328042928_n 1500804_10152121670838126_301170391_o 5b36df68a310ea9cbb97a1029e2c909e6694b9daNote: I’d like you all to check out this link, it’s the only English source of Jordan’s news and all pictures were taken from their newspaper, Jordan Times


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