(072) – Writing Requirements

By the end of this day, Dec 17th, three more blogs should be written and published because I’m delayed due to shortage in content and thoughts. However, a few days passed i didn’t share anything pretending I have nothing to talk about but i don’t think it’s someone else’s problem, it’s mine. 

Not an easy task it is to blog everyday especially when it’s quiet and silence and here comes the difference between a real writer and a “wannabe”. A writer should be awake to every little detail around him; the world is full of content and issues to criticize or think about, you just need to be alert and conscious. 

i don’t want my blog to be full of songs or meaningless quotes or even pictures, I want to write, imagine, think and live the dream. 

Anyway, I’m going out today looking for inspiration or any small idea to write about. No, I won’t exaggerate things just to call myself a blogger, don’t worry! 


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