(070) – What’s This Life For?

As usual, I had another post in mind to share but I wasn’t completely convinced in it. It had many questions that have been annoying me for a while about life and daily struggle we live. I know the answers for most of these questions but couldn’t hold it deep inside so I thought if I shared it, I’d be comfortable but to see things written in front of you on the screen is something else and gives you one final chance to mull things over.

Anyway, here’s Creed, my favorite rock band answering my questions through their memorable song and outstanding lyrics. I hope you listen to the song and realize what’s this life for.


2 thoughts on “(070) – What’s This Life For?

  1. I’d never heard Creed, but I really like the acoustics, to start with, and the lyrics are interesting. What’s this life for? The only question to which the answer truly is ‘make it up yourself’.

    • I never thought of this answer but I think it’s the most proper one. Your life is absolutely up to you. Do whatever you feel right but you and only you will enjoy the results or endure the pain, I agree with you.

      well, Creed, as I mentioned is my favorite rock band, they’re real and factual. I could feel their pain through the lyrics and see their faith and creed as well. They have lots of good songs, you should check them out all. 😉

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