(069) – Whooo! It Is Snowinnngggg!

Screenshot_2013-12-13-20-35-42Well well well, after a hot shower, here I’m sitting down on my desktop trying to sum up the best moments I’ve had and enjoyed in the last two days. In all simplicity, it was unstoppable fun and delight.

I woke up yesterday and it was snowing but still not accumulated on the ground like I want to and the reason goes back to the altitude of my area. It’s not that high above sea level as well as it’s eastern so we get the snow a bit late. For the first time, I decided to go out by public transportation to get to my favorite place of our city Amman. it took me one hour exactly to get there but it was worth it. Everything was covered in white, it was snowing and the weather was freezing but my fondness for snow pushed me harder to start walking and talking pictures for the adorable snow.

I’ve taken more than 100 pictures using my mobile phone. I’ve done my best to take some really nice and creative shots so I’d like a second opinion on the pictures here. After two hours of walking alone under the heavy snow, it was time to go back home because my clothes were very wet and I was feeling cold, really.

In the evening, it started to snow again in my area and it was serious this time. I’ve had a walk again for almost 3 hours.

I slept for four hours to wake up with an even nicer sight. This time, it was completely white in front of my house. Me, my best friend and cousin have been to one of the highest areas in Amman to see the snow there. Hands down, I ADORE SNOW!

Later on, at 7 pm while I was with a friend out, we thought Alexa (the name of the blizzard) is over because the snow started to melt down but she had lots more and here comes the surprise. In 15 minutes, the whole area was filled with snow like no way before and I was obliged to stay outside for even more.

I’m feeling very tired and exhausted at the moment; I didn’t sleep well and didn’t give myself a break. Fun, fun, fun and fun…

It’s still snowing outside. To be honest, I wish I could go out again though it’s freaking freezing but it’s in my blood, you feel me? I hope so.

I’ve taken many pictures, walked for miles and miles under the snow and driven around the city but still cannot get enough of the snow. Please, don’t think I’m crazy because I’m not, it’s just energy that needs to be burnt with some activities. What else can we do to have more fun? When would the next Alexa visit us? Would I have this passion me all my life? The feeling of strength and encouragement I have today, would it last or it’s merely a phase? Would the beauty of this earth exist after 20 years? Would I be able to enjoy blizzards in Europe one day? Let’s just wait and work not see, have a good night all. Love you ❤


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11 thoughts on “(069) – Whooo! It Is Snowinnngggg!

    • I know how it feels but we still in December so I think more snow is on the way. I hope you get snow sooner than you think and much more than what we have. Have a good weekend. 🙂

    • LOL! I was telling my friend the same thing today. in Amman here it’s almost 0C and in UK I’ve heard it’s roughly 11, it’s weird, isn’t it? 🙂

      I hope you get snow and enjoy it sooner than you think. Have a good day, happy December.

      • wow! “inshallah” I should be talking about this word very soon, I just want to put it in the right way, it’s very important to you guys in the west to know more about “the culture of inshallah”…. you’re motivating me to write about it ASAP.

        Thanks for your comments and likes, really appreciated. 🙂 Have a good day.

  1. Those pictures are amazing! Perhaps photography is another of your strong suits? It doesn’t snow where I live so I have never actually seen snow of that magnitude. Can’t even imagine it!

    • Photography is really nice but not everyone can be a photographer, it requires a special taste. The photos were taken by my mobile phone so I hope they’re good enough.

      Actually we get snow here only once or twice a year, sometimes we don’t. However, this year it reached up to 183 cm in the mountains. Most of the roads are still closed due to snow and frost, the weather is extremely cold , we’ve had 5 days off so far, I don’t know what’s next. LOL but I still love snow and cannot get enough of it.

      You should be able to witness a blizzard somewhere in this world and take many pictures, it’s worth the try. Happy December. 🙂

  2. that’s great to see snow through your eyes. i live at the line of the equator in ecuador, and i thought about what everyone would be doing should the temperatures drop and snow fall across the landscape. it would be pretty brutal on the trees and flowers and would probably put us in a food crisis, but seeing the wonder on the faces of all who have never witnessed snow like in your photos – that would be amazing.

    i’m glad you stopped by my blog – thank you so much, and it led me to this great post! now to read more! z

    • I agree with you. Snow could be awful sometimes especially when it accumulates for weeks and impedes our daily life but still I love it no matter what. In my country, it snows once or twice maximum every year on high altitudes only, my area gets snow but not as much. \

      This particular blizzard was called Alexa; we got snow like no time before, there’s still white areas till now on the mountains and some high places in the city i live in.

      the good thing is that we have similar themes on our blogs, that’s pretty nice. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Regards from the other side of the world. 🙂

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