(067) – Speechless About God

“No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed” –Imagine Dragons–

What was the last sophisticated policy you’ve seen or heard about? What was the smartest response or reply you have ever got? What is the wisest policy you apply to get what you want?

There are lots of complicated thinkers in this world; they come up with great thoughts and plans to control the world we live in or to get what they want. Movies are full of smart plans and brilliant thieves. At the end of the day, it’s all human made and can be outsmarted no matter how accurate the plan or the policy would be. However, divine policies have a different taste. It’s easy, straight and direct to the point; it’s merely silence and patience.

How many times have you pleaded to God during dark nights to get an answer? I’m pretty sure you didn’t get a response, at least, not a verbal one. God, gives us the space, more space than we need. Cry, scream, shout, pray and do. All kinds of behavior are free to use but you and only you will have to endure the result. God doesn’t reply verbally because he’s God and this is something beyond discussion but he doesn’t even send the answer your way, he let you seek the answer and realize it yourself which is more sophisticated yet simpler than any other policy was ever developed.

Your answer is as good as you try harder to find it. I believe everyone has the instinct and capability to get to the fact that God is the creator of this world. Sadly, we never listen to our hearts when we must do.

Back to God’s policy, if you take a look around you, everything we ask for, we get but we rarely change and act in turn. Greed is what we are all made of regardless of our spirituality and let me talk about myself now. I pretend to be spiritual and a truth seeker but I still am greedy. I’ve asked God for many blessings and I have all I need now. Nonetheless, I’m not a man of my word. I always tell God secretly to give me stuff I need and that’ll be the last time I ask for such a thing and that I’ll change for good but I am still greedy and demanding for more.

God’s patience over me makes me speechless; I’ve tried over and over again to blame my nature and that I’m in the wrong place, I’ve told God so many times about it in order to get something in return but every time I find the answer and purpose waiting ahead for me. I get my answers on my own and cannot be the change I have to be, it’s pissing me off!

When will I change? When will I just be fine with God and be the way he wants me to be? What am I waiting for to change? How many problems should I suffer from to stop myself and say STOP?

It seems to be a long life. I’m left with a mind; the only advantage I have over the animals and it has the entire secret within. Eventually, will I change or live a lonely life? We’re yet to discover.




2 thoughts on “(067) – Speechless About God

  1. Even in your banter of frustration and in the midst of your admitted unrelenting greed, your faith in and love for God still bleeds through. It is in your honesty towards God that He is able to have relationship with you – to truly know you. You have succumbed to the inescapable truth that you – just as we all – must dwell in a state of humanity until such time as we are taken to meet our Maker. Although there are times, days, and even entire seasons where we find ourselves basking in His glory, standing upright in His presence and in a prime condition of spiritual readiness, there are also those times, inevitably, where falter. That is why we need Him. That is also what makes us approachable to those around us who are not believers, as it sets the stage for the perfect demonstration of His unconditional love and indisputable power. I loved this post!

    • Well, I agree with your point. The journey to know better about God and develop faith in him isn’t easy, one needs commitment and persistence to be able to do so. You’ll get tested thousands of times and every level is definitely more difficult than the one before but at the end of the day it’s the right one and any other path would lead you somewhere you don’t. In my religion, it’s said “No way from God but to God”; it means even if you want to leave God behind you and ignore him, you’ll turn around and back to him eventually. I know it’s philosophical but I hope i got it translated right and that you understand what i mean.

      Thank you so much for the amazing words you just added to my blog; it’s what makes me more enthusiastic to write and try even more. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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