(066) – We’re Expecting Snow Tomorrow :)

Rainy weathers, cloudy nights and foggy mornings have a very distinguished place in my heart. I feel alive to see it raining or see the clouds up in the sky having much water to pour it on us. It’s somehow relieving and promising in my opinion. Rain gives me a sense of assurance that everything will be fine in the near future and it’s never too late to start over or continue what we’ve started before. Winter has always had good news and surprises; it’s a blessing, literally.

However, snow tops it all. Unlike rain, snow is smooth, quiet, effective, confident and glorious. It has something mysterious but remarkable. I still can remember the first snow I lived when I was still a kid and it will never ever be erased from my memory. Nobody ever forget the delightful moments we have when it snows, am I wrong or what?

Unfortunately, in my country, it doesn’t snow that much, only once or twice a year but “when it snows, it pours”. Last year we had a terrible blizzard; it lasted for days which is something we’re not used to in this area. It was awesome to see the snow and how people get ready to welcome this special guest.

The beginning was heavy rain like I have never seen before; streets were flooded and traffic was dead due to the huge amount of water in the streets and bad infrastructure all over the city. Then, after we finished lunch at around 5 pm, the streets started to get covered in white and here comes the beauty of snow. By the evening, I couldn’t hold myself from a walk under the snow; it was so tempting to go out. I put on my jacket, beret, scarf, gloves, long boots and headed to the street. God, I can remember every single step under the snow.

The next morning, I had to wake up early, very early to see the earth all in white. What’s more, the sun was up and the snow was shining like gold. (I felt like crying). Again, a journey was waiting ahead; I walked for hours, took many pictures and lived unforgettable moments full of joy and pure happiness. Too many memorable moments I’ve had that day and one blog isn’t enough to mention all of them!

Tomorrow, we are expecting to have snow for the first time this year. I am very enthusiastic and excited about it. I pray to enjoy it as much as I can and may God send us snow for days…

And now, I want to leave you with some of the pictures I took with my mobile phone last year, they’re not as good but still inspiring.



DSC_0094 (2)




11 thoughts on “(066) – We’re Expecting Snow Tomorrow :)

  1. We just had about 2 inches today and its the nice sticky kind that coats everything. so pretty right now 🙂 but tonight its going down to 18!! not so pretty LOL

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