(062) – (Dec 5, 2011)

Well, I cannot let this day pass like a normal one, it’s my second anniversary! Exactly, two years ago, it was Monday. The weather was very cold and it seemed very normal to everyone but me. I was on a date to meet a new friend for the very first time. I remember my confusion that day; I was afraid, excited, enthusiastic, powerful and motivated as well. To say the least, my life’s started to make sense that specific day.

I met a new friend through Facebook and we agreed to see each other on this day. He looked different; I didn’t know what happened exactly but I found myself attracted to him and wanted to talk even more. He had something weird, a kind of mystery. He was vague even though he was honest and straight in his talk. His story was very revolutionary and rebellious comparing to my background. Later on, I realized he was in an international school and his friends had diversified nationalities, so it was completely normal by his standards.

We met again one week later. He was very open and talkative. I couldn’t get enough from our talk but he had to leave. Day after day, we started to see each other frequently and for longer times. We became close friends, true friends and everyone was wondering about our loyalty to each other. I’ve met a bunch of new friends that day, males and females but no one got my attention like him. God only knows why!

Too many events and memories have taken place in our lives during these two years, I’m so sorry but I cannot share them with you because they are the most intimate moments I ever had. However, today is what matters; we are still friends, even more than we used to be. We are like brothers, struggling together and fighting against justice.

My story cannot be written down in a blog but it’ll be held inside my heart forever.

Every one of us is destined to find one true friend, one true love. I’ve found my true friend and I am very happy we are friends. I thank God every single day for this gift and remind myself that God send us what we need, not what we want. You dear readers are going to be happy with your friends and love one day but it also will have ups and downs, so be patient, it’ll happen the moment you least expect it.

Today, I cannot see my friend get hurt; I do my best to defend him and help him as much as I can. Sometimes, I shouldn’t interfere with his issues especially that he’s married now and loves his wife but I cannot hold myself. Accordingly, I’m trying very hard to provide him with the best solutions, hopefully he’ll be fine. On that score, I will dedicate this song to him, he’s on my Facebook friend list but I wish he doesn’t read this blog.

This is the male friend, watch out later today for the post about my female friend, I’ll try to explain more. Have a good Friday all and enjoy the song. 🙂


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