(060) – Positive Atmosphere

“A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” –Jack Dempsey–

“Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride” –unknown–

During the last few days, I’ve got many comments regarding my positivity. Many readers could perceive my positive attitude and they were quite delightful, apparently. My friends agree on that fact, they also say I’m the only one who keeps smiling all the time no matter what.

In fact, my positivity is merely a result of frustration and confusion; I’ll tell you how. Nearly every day, I spend two hours at least with myself, meditating on my issues, my future and my progress. I go through many complicated thinking processes including evaluation and motivation. I admire successful characters and follow them. I try to help others avoid some troubles and lead them to what makes sense. I follow those with the experience and sophistication, observe them, consider their attitudes and try to look into details.

I see many contradictions during day; failure and success, struggle and comfort, life and death. Some people make lots of money but they’re dead at their jobs. Others barely make a living but they’re happy. Consequently, I reckon, think, aim and compare what I want with who I am. Since we are built to progress or to last (as mentioned before) we end up with one way. It’s abandoned, risky, bumpy, dodgy and full of fears. Pessimism seems to be dominant and sweat is the cost.

People are full of complaints, so am I. They do tell, I don’t; that’s why I remain a high self-esteem and act positively. Perhaps, complaining is not me but the need to speak up and let the world hear still exists. However, I choose to make them listen differently and I mean through positivity and optimism. My belief is that eventually things will change and we’ll have what we want but it’s life’s style, the hardships and obstacles I mean. As the quote goes “Life is like a roller coaster…”

Positivity is what keeps me alive and I will be positive as long as I have breath in my lungs. I’ll let myself unload at times but it won’t be exaggerated as If I were the only living creature with troubles. Everyone’s got his/her share;life, without a shadow of doubt, is unfair but when it comes to inconvenience, it absolutely is.



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