(057) – Fed up with New Beginnings

The word “new beginnings” is promising. It shows that you’ve just modified your path and ready to go again. However, it somehow means you have to start over with a new blank page. Sometimes, it’s good but if it’s repeatedly happening, it’d be irritating.

I’m fed up with new beginnings; every time I set a new bunch of goals something tempting happens and steers me away. Listening to good music or a fast walk is my sigh of relief, it makes me rethink my issues and start from the beginning. The problem is that every two weeks approximately, I have a new beginning. It’s usually related to my situation at university and that I have to study hard so I can pass this year and graduate but it’s not working anymore.

My last new beginning was 57 days ago. The next one is going to be the day I graduate. This is me and who I am; temptations and seducing stuff are very normal in life. Outings and friends will always be good but they can’t build up our future because they’re only here to help, not to act in our behalf.


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