(055) – Revenge/Vengeance

“The best revenge is a massive success” — Frank Sinatra —

I’ve heard this little quote a few days ago; I still cannot stop thinking about it. It’s very easy to be understood but way harder to be applied or achieved. I’ve shared it with my best m friend but didn’t get the wanted response because something I didn’t choose has happened and now I have to bear it, unwillingly.

Revenge, as most of us think, is related to blood and hatred but it’s not; revenge is to beat the hell out of bitterness and prove to every single person you ever met that you can do it and you are a legend. From a personal perspective, I see the ultimate revenge is the one you had to suffer from without taking any benefits or advantages of its causes. I mean the one we didn’t choose but had to suffer from and endure the consequence results of it.

I, didn’t choose to be who I am; a very loyal and honest guy who can love one person at a time but give all I’ve got from money, power and love. It doesn’t mean I regret my character or my destiny but in my case, I usually end up with pain and loneliness because I had other plans and they’ve fallen through. As a result, more and more dedication to success take place in my life with the least potentials ever which is my prize for who I meant to be. It sounds fair enough, doesn’t it? God giveth and God taketh but a scar will still exist and a weak spot it becomes.

I was gifted some kind of a disability; it’s very personal and cannot be shared with people who know me on a personal level, at least as long as it’s unconquered. However, realizing this ugly truth left me in a place to make the decision of my life; should I take it as a motive, a challenge or let it screw all my life long? Huh, I’d guess you know my decision. I’ve made the right but the difficult, harsh and severe one. It’s become a lifestyle by which I can live peacefully with, a truth that cannot be denied and a limit that only aims to impede me and assures a constant fear. Well, it’s damn challenging. No matter how much you talk it over, it is still awakened with lots of warnings every once in a while.

This isn’t my decision; God sent it my way and obliged me to live with it! Destiny was already written before I was born but miracles still happen. I want to take revenge for my tears and dignity. I am going to tell the entire world I did it; I won my battle without bloodshed but with faith and love.


6 thoughts on “(055) – Revenge/Vengeance

  1. Interesting, would love to discuss with you about your disability. I have always looked at mine as a different ability instead of a disability.

  2. God sees beyond all – He is familiar with you, the real you, the core of your heart He knows intimately. He created you, stripped bare of all riches, all challenges, all struggles, all failure, and all successes, He loves you just the same. You are equipped to do great things, yet are susceptible to falling as well. Don’t lose sight of His undying love, for it does not condemn the way the world condemns. It is perfect.

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