(054) – A Sigh of Wi-Fi


I’ve had enough disconnection for the last few days. It was such a miserable experience to be honest. I felt like there’s no one possible thing to amuse myself with but the internet, it’s even more important than a decent meal.

Our level of addiction to the internet access is truly terrible. It’s good to have on-line friends and commitments but the moment it becomes an obsession, then you should do something about it.

I knew the internet was going to be disconnected until we pay our bills but I didn’t bother myself to tell the family because I wanted to experience disconnection at this level and make the best out of it and since it’s a weekend, so I thought we wouldn’t be able to pay until it’s Sunday. That was true; we’ve been disconnected now for the fifth day in a row. I had plans to read two new stories, study and finish my homework but as usual, I didn’t do anything but relaxing all the time.

However, I’ve written three blogs for the lost days and I’m going to share them all tonight if all goes well. I’ve found more time for the family and myself in particular.

Internet disconnection sucks but it’s a must every once in a while; it gives us more time to think about ourselves and progress away from the web, especially addicted ones, it’s priceless.

Besides, I’m really sorry I couldn’t reply to your comments or read your latest posts but I promise to compensate for these days. Have a fantastic day everyone.

Happy Wi-Fi. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “(054) – A Sigh of Wi-Fi

  1. True. This is an addiction. True. I want to disconnect. True. My butt hurts from sitting. True. I would love to spend more time reading and writing other than blogs. All true. Sigh. Now to take a break. Bye. πŸ™‚

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