(086) – Last Year’s Resolutions

This picture is taken from Singapore 2014, new year's celebrations

This picture is taken from Singapore 2014, new year’s celebrations

And here comes the day; Jan 1st, 2014 here and it’s time to unfold last year’s resolutions and read what I wrote exactly one year ago. I cannot remember how exactly I felt back then, but based on what I’m reading in my diary, apparently I was happy.

The year of 2013 was titled as the year of change and productivity for me; I had to make a change and start being productive, so one of my goals was to left up my GPA at university and I proudly could do it. I had many troubles; I almost gave in to my shadows but my family stood up next to me and we’d overcome countless problems together.

One thousand English words and eight books was my second goal for the year. Well, I have learned more than six hundred new words during 2013 and read nine books which is such a delight for me. Moreover, I wanted to save up my first JD 1000, I don’t have the money today because I’d paid for my university more than that amount of money.

On the family level, my sister got into university and now she’s majoring in Pharmacy. My elder brother is still trying to get a new job but his only motive is the salary which I think should never be his motive but I wish him luck and success anyhow.

My father and mother are in a good health and so is my youngest brother. We are all fine and happy together at home. On that, I have to thank God from the deepest of my heart and may 2014 bring us all happiness, contentment, peace, success, faith, hope and clarity. Happy new year, happy new blank year.


(085) – Say Good-bye to Your Past



In the end of the movie, Walk The Line, it’s mentioned that Johnny Cash had continued his success for thirty five more years with his second wife and people became crazier about his music and adorable lyrics though they all knew he was an addict to drugs and cheated on his first wife, the one who loved him more than any other girl and sacrificed her life to be with him.

On his Facebook Page, Johnny Cash has nearly 12 M fans and that’s a small figure compared to the actual one. His music is still played in movies, bars, concerts and will continue to amuse us for good. The movie is just a glimpse about his life and I think you can imagine how hard it was for a famous musician and singer to be lonely amongst millions of fans, how bitter it was to be deprived of seeing his little two girls or even to see his brother dying before him.

His one and only thought, that saved him and his fame was forgiveness. The phenomenal JR had to forgive his past and walk on to do the things he loved. You might think it was easy or doable simply because he was famous and rich but you should take into consideration his free time, when he had to sit with himself even for a second and recall all the bad memories and deeds he’s done, the people he’s hurt and the wife he’s betrayed. That’s the real challenge and that is where true soldiers stand out.

If you could forgive your past, or forget your past, then you can move on and live. I’m not saying you that you can do whatever you want then forgive yourself, I’m talking about what destiny brings with it that obliges us to be someone else who we don’t recognize.

Bad things have been done to you, still you should be thankful. We live in the present; more glorious days are waiting ahead. Time heals, time teaches and time knows better than us. My demon isn’t giving up on me, so I let time to take care of it because I have a dream, “and I gotta protect it”

(084) – Apology

Dear Readers,

Lately, I’ve been very busy and confused; I couldn’t have the time to read your blogs, like your posts and comment on your inspirational writings.

Life could be very difficult, sometimes, where no matter how persistent and stubborn you are, it still could be able to drive you away from your consciousness and focus to somewhere else full of evil thoughts. Only there, you feel giving up is very normal and a choice that could be taken bravely, then to discover when it’s too late that you’ve missed your point.

I didn’t reckon things would be as bad; I neither see friends these days nor go out to take a deep fresh breath.

Honestly, I am missing WordPress, I am missing the genuine bloggers and the astounding writings I used to read here. I’d like you all to feel me pray for me. This blog is my future, I have to complete what I started eighty four days ago and that wouldn’t be true but with your support, encouragement and motivation.

Thanks for everyone who liked any of my posts and wrote a comment. I am very glad that some of you do like my writings and today I promise that things will change for better.

I am looking forward to check your wonderful blogs tomorrow and see what you guys are up to. Happy Holidayzzz J

(082) – Beautiful People DO Not Just Happen


Yes, they don’t just happen, all these successful and amazing people we encounter every day have known and tasted the real meaning of suffering. It is bitterness and a longing for life that made them the way they are.

This little quote and hope I can see behind these words that push me every time to keep moving and being patient over this life’s turmoil. I haven’t chosen to major in mechanical engineering, yet, end up in a struggle to graduate but I’m pretty sure it’s meant to learn me something.

For the first time, I confess that the New Year is scaring me and I’m afraid of what it holds. When I think about the events and changes we’ve been through in the last year and I’ll have to live one more year with something I don’t like, it’s really scary and disappointing. May 2014 bring us success and comfort!

(081) – Unexpected Endings

For the last few years, I’ve been repeating the same sentence and still believe in it. The year does no longer feel like 365 days; it passes like a shot. I remember 10 years back when we celebrated the new years eve for the first time at my aunt’s house, it felt like we really lived a twelve months year but nowadays I can clearly remember what happened last year and the one before.

Here in my country, we spend our lives trying to get the least of our rights and I mean a decent house, a car, a wife and kids. It’s the least thing I believe anyone would aim for but in Arab countries, it’s your ultimate dream to get a house and live peacefully with your kids without being in debt for a bank.

Life is taking too much of us. The moment you solve a problem you get involved in too many others that would cost you your age and effort. For example, my dad and here I have to mention that I’m not a big fan of my dad but the truth remains is that he’s an expert man and professional in his work. He has lots of experience owing his job and knows much more than anyone in his field, yet, he still cannot stand up on his own two feet though his relatively high income; he has to pay for the apartment, car, tuition fees and daily expenses. Now, he’s 53 and still working hard. There are lots of similar cases; he’s not the only one. There might be something wrong with him or it is probably the entire situation of our country but I can obviously say, it’s not fair.

Years pass on and we don’t realize how much time we lose chasing the wrong things. personally, I don’t know what is the right thing or the wrong thing, I am trying to learn as much as I can and avoid others mistakes, I am a little afraid of this path especially that it’s vague but I’m going for it the whole way, it’s only one life; get busy living or busy dying.

(080) – Love/Fear


I always say the same thing without realizing there’s a well-known quote to prove my theory. It’s either love or fear that motivate and empower us. I was once driven by love and I did. Yet, fear is my constant urge to keep moving on and on.

I hope the quote is enough to convey my message! Merry Christmas my dear readers, I hope you enjoy your day. 🙂