(052) – do it with CONFIDENCE

“This is one of those rare films in which almost everything works” – Blake French on Confidence

My passion for languages and writing, my fondness for my blog make me always eager and excited to see what other competent bloggers think of my writings. I am still a beginner in the world of writing, I don’t have a style, my ideas aren’t always connected together and the issues I discuss are often personal due to limited sources of inspiration and maybe my knowledge is somehow poor or simple.

However, one of the best moments during the day is the feedback; likes, comments and pingbacks. You’d never imagine how delighted I feel to see comments on my blog or many likes, to see that people really like what they read and can relate to the content. It’s relieving and makes me feel a great kind of achievement because this is me and this is who I want to be in the future.

Well, suddenly no likes or comments show up; I get no views on the blog and the doubt phase begins. Did I write something awful? Was I too prejudiced and biased so readers didn’t like it? Why is all that happening? What if the views stopped for good? Would my project fail? And so on…

That I call the doubt phase; too many questions start flowing in into my mind about failure and mistakes that I might’ve done and their effects on my journey. Honestly, sometimes I become so afraid and that I won’t be able to do it. It got me today to think about it ridiculously; I was thinking it’s merely a blog, how is it supposed to let me be the one I want to be? It’s such an easy thing to write and anybody else could do it but it’s not worth the try… I was so worried to say the least.

The movie Confidence as the quote goes, made me believe it’s all possible and can work out if it’s played with confidence. Also, reading other outstanding blogs to see how many bloggers could do it had something to do with my moral.

Admittedly, my writings aren’t that good, I need style, and so I am going to keep on reading and writing as much as I can. If it happens, then it’s meant to me. Otherwise, something else in the same field would be waiting, I’m pretty sure.


7 thoughts on “(052) – do it with CONFIDENCE

  1. I figure … Write because you have to; write because you’re called to; write because you want to … And, although tempting, and although an easy pit to fall into … don’t write for the “likes” … Write from the passion, the volcano inside and your audience will come … As will your voice!
    Not that my writing is by any means extraordinary … But my purpose for writing is not for greatness but because it’s what I am called to do … For now … Telling stories of a Good God … Whereas I suspect that you desire to write, to become a writer … So write and a writer you’ll be … Regardless of anyone else’s approval and the doors will open just as they are meant to for you and your destiny.
    Blessings, God is Good!

    • This is, in all honesty, the most wonderful and encouraging comment I’ve gotten so far. You must be a great person.

      Writing is a volcano as you said; it needs to be expressed and published, even if there’s no readers. The point of the “likes” we get is encouragement, nothing less nothing more. I like to have constant followers and readers and I dont want them to be offended by my opinions because I really don’t mean it. However, if they choose to be offended, then it’s their choice. It’s my blog and my opinion, I think I should have a sense of freedom here.

      Today, I promise you to keep writing as long as I have something to write and the doors will open one day.

      God bless you, have a great day. 🙂

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